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1:1 College Advising Workshop: Venturing Into The Unknown

1:1 College Advising Workshop: Venturing Into The Unknown

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Unlock Your College Future with Confidence!

Are you scared of the uncertainties that come with choosing the best college for you? Are you struggling to decide if you should apply to college pre-med, pre-law or best undecided?

My exclusive 1:1 College Advising Workshop is tailor-made to provide invaluable insight into the world of higher education. Designed for students seeking clarity, this workshop will empower you to confidently navigate the college selection process.

Addressing daunting topics like weeder classes, imposter syndrome, and other unique challenges faced by first-generation undergraduate students at prestigious universities, I'll equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed. My expert advice will guide you through the complexities, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your goals and aspirations.

Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Embrace this transformative opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the college landscape, explore your options, and discover the perfect fit that will empower you with the confidence to thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Ready to conquer your college journey? Enroll in my 1:1 College Advising Workshop and embark on a path to success, armed with knowledge, confidence, and a clear vision of your future. The possibilities are endless—seize them today!

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In addition to above product, explore our platform for

  • Profile Building
  • Test Strategy (How to score high in SAT)
  • Campus experience assistance
  • College selection strategy
  • Application journey
  • Post admission queries

Booking Specifications

  • Each sessions will be 1 hour
  • Meeting link will be emailed along with the order details to your registered gmail address
  • We encourage you to keep the video on but it is your prerogative
  • Each session will be recorded for your future reference
  • You can reschedule the call 24hours prior to the scheduled booking time, if required

Best Practices

  • Prepare your questions/queries prior to appointment
  • Join the meeting 5 mins prior to the scheduled time.
  • Please DO NOT join 15 mins before the meeting time.
  • Please check you audio/video are functioning properly
  • Attend the meeting from a quiet place to make the most of the call
  • Please avoid any personal queston to the coach
  • Please provide the detailed feedback and rating after the call


Q. What if I am late by 15 mins to the call?

A. If users are late to join the join by more than 15mins, then it will be considered as NO Show and booking amount will be forfeited.

Q. Can I invite my friends to my booking?

A. Each session is personalised to an individual. Group sessions are not entertained at the moment. We will be introducing that option in the future.

Q. Will I be able to reschedule my appointment?

A. Yes. You are more welcome to reschedule the appointment 24hours prior the meeting time.

Q. What if the coach doesn't show up?

A. In an highly unlikely scenerio if the coach doesn't show up, please contact us at along with your booking details. We will be offer you replacement slot at the earliest.

Product Policy

Why us?

  • Services are delivered at your convenience anytime anywhere.

  • Get top quality counseling from current students of colleges of your liking.

  • Our product offers best in class services related to your college admission journey at a fraction of a market price.
  • Affordable

    Our college admission coaches offer best in class services related to your college admission journey at a fraction of a market price.

  • Convenience

    Services are delivered at your convenience anytime anywhere.

  • Relevant

    Current college students are the most relevant source of information for your College admission.

  • Variety

    The range of information for current students is unmatched. Current students are aware of fellow students profile.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X